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Khoros helps enterprise-level communication service providers (CSPs) keep pace with rapid innovation and reduce customer churn with industry-leading digital care, brand communities, and social marketing solutions.


Tackle mounting customer expectations with an innovative digital engagement platform

Conquer the unique challenges of the telecommunications industry with the comprehensive suite of enterprise technology from Khoros.

Khoros Care
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    AI-powered digital care

    Contact centers in the telecommunications industry have to deal with higher stakes inquiries than those in many other industries. When customers face service outages, they often can’t do their jobs, communicate with their friends and families, or enjoy their home entertainment. That’s why it’s so important to get to customer service inquiries quickly and efficiently — and the only way to do that is with the help of an industry-leading digital care solution, like Khoros.

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    Data-driven social media management

    Social media is an excellent tool for communications service providers. Whether you’re educating your followers about a new brand-specific service package or simply trying to build customer loyalty through engagement, you need a platform that can do it at scale.

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    Brand communities

    Communities are excellent ways for any brand to boost customer engagement and deflect support volume away from contact centers. Khoros Communities are tailored to your specific needs, and we’ll work with you to set up metric tracking and other features to optimize engagement.

Provide a better experience for your customers and fast track sustainable expansion

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Lower support costs and maximize your customer’s lifetime value

When your support agents are on the phone answering easy, repetitive questions, they’re not handling higher priority cases. This doesn’t just raise costs; it also increases hold times and decreases customer satisfaction. If you’re in telecommunications, you already have a digital-first mindset when it comes to products and services. The same should be true for your customer service. Lower your costs and maintain your SLAs at the same time by engaging customers when and where they need you.

Increase community users and customer service efficiency simultaneously

Brand communities aren’t just places for customers to interact with one another. They’re also great for reducing call volume to your contact center. As your network grows and your community gains more users its ability to deflect calls scales with it. This means that you can increase efficiency even while you’re adding more users to your mobile, home, or business networks.

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Why Khoros?

The capabilities you need

  • With Modern Chat through Khoros Care, customer support agents in your contact center will be able to handle multiple, asynchronous conversations simultaneously. This gives them greater flexibility and productivity while also improving the customer’s experience.
  • Content syndication on Khoros Communities can help you get information updates to customers quickly. This is vital especially when they experience issues with their service; instead of getting hundreds or thousands of calls asking for updates, your team can push the updates directly to the front page of the community or website.
  • Not sure what people are saying about your brand on social media? Use Khoros Intelligence to listen into conversations around the world in multiple languages, to really get a feel for consumer sentiment.

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